Dear readers/ contributors

We’re very pleased to announce that we are open once more for submissions. The theme for Issue 20 is ‘Wanderlust’, or a ‘strong desire to travel’. All art and literary submissions should relate to this theme but how you interpret it is entirely up to you – whether you wish to take it literally or more subtly. We’re very excited by this theme but don’t allow it to get in the way of good writing!

The usual guidelines apply when submitting work and they can be found below. Please check them carefully before submitting work. If you have any questions, email

The deadline for submissions is August 30, and the publication date is September 30.

Please read the submission details below carefully!

Literature Submissions:

  1. Each piece should be submitted as an individual attachment to one email. (i.e. if submitting four poems, only send one email but include four attachments.)
  2. Your name and the title of your piece should be in the file name.
  3. DO NOT put your name or anything which directly identifies you within the file itself.
  4. Please do not send more than 5 individual submissions. Any submissions exceeding that limit will be disregarded.
  5. Entries should be submitted with single-line spacing.
  6. The word limit for literature is 3000 words.
  7. Include a short (100 words max) bio in the body of your email.
  8. Subject should be: Issue 20 Poetry/Prose/Script/(as appropriate).
  9. All work must be sent in Word format (please no PDFs)
  10. E-mail submissions to

Art/Music/Film Submissions:

This includes any visual creative work such as paintings, photography, sculpture, etc. Also music, film and other media.

  1. The subject line should read: Issue 19 Art/Music/Film/Media (as appropriate).
  2. Include a short bio (no more than 100 words) in the body of the email, as well as any links to your website, blog, Youtube vlog, etc.
  3. Include your submissions as attached files. Please do not paste images into the body, or include them all in a single file (unless it’s a compressed folder).
  4. Your name and the title of your piece should be in the file name.
  5. Images must be at least 300 dpi and minimum 1200X1200 pixels; suitable for print on an 8.5″x8.5″ page, or 17″x8.5″ spread.
  6. Do not send more than 8 individual submissions. Any submissions exceeding that limit will be disregarded.
  7. E-mail submissions to

The A-Team’s Top 5 Submission Tips

In our meetings, we often discuss the pieces that have been submitted at great length, arguments ensue and debates go on forever, but in the end we cannot publish everything. If you don’t get selected the first time, keep trying! We receive a large quantity of high-quality submissions and it’s often the small details which prevent a potentially great submission from making the issue.

So, here are our top five tips to make an issue:

  1. Avoid clichés. There are writers and artists who have made it work but what we are looking for is originality. We want to showcase the work that defines you as an individual, with your unique point of view. What’s different about you? Take risks, do something different.
  2. First lines are everything. We receive a lot of submissions, and we read them all thoroughly and carefully. That said, great pieces of work hook you right there and then. You can often back a winner on a first line. If it’s artwork: does it catch your eye from a distance? Is the first shot of your short film one that captures your audience?
  3. Aim to strike. Think about the work you are submitting to us; is it suitable for an online magazine? Work which is too long or artwork which is too large, with many small details doesn’t work well on the web. Your novel might be amazing, and we’d buy a copy of your epic poem, but it might not go down so well in an online magazine. We don’t want our readers getting Repetitive Strain Injury in their mouse-controlling hand.
  4. Less is more. Heard that one before, haven’t you? Well, it happens to be true. Especially for you, our dear poets. Read your work out loud; simplicity is a powerful tool. Artists: we’ll let you be the judge of how simplicity works for you (note: it’s often the visually simple and striking images that make our cover page!)
  5. Grammar, punctuation and presentation. Obviously. No first drafts, please. And do use point 12 font, Ariel or Times New Roman unless you have a very good reason not to. Artists: no shoddily scanned-in pieces, we take work as we see it. All work should be ready-to-publish.

It is also worth noting that in submitting work to us, you give us permissions to publish your work and use it to promote the magazine in various ways – including on our website and social media.

Looking forward to reading/seeing your work!

The Alliterati Team

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  1. Kristin Roedell says:

    I’m not sure if you’re currently open to new submissions; Duotrope says you’re not, but I received an updated email today that says you are- could you let me know? I’d like to submit.
    Kristin Roedell

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