Issue 10

Issue 10 (March 2013)

Steve Armitage is an ICT Support Officer working for the MET Police. Originally from Basildon, Essex, he now lives near Croydon. He just loves taking photos, particularly urban, landscapes and seascapes.

John Baker is co-founder and editor of Material creative writing magazine in Newcastle. He has had work published in The Edge, Platforms, online at The Pygmy Giant and has recently been accepted for publication with Ink, Sweat & Tears. He is currently writing a collection of short stories based on scientific laws and principles as part of his final year studies.

My name is Daniel Bowman, currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Northumbria University. I’m originally from Sheffield and have been writing short fiction and poetry for a few years, I am trying to extend that to include scriptwriting but without much joy so far. My favourite writers include Katherine Mansfield and James Joyce.

Laura Burgess is an illustrator living in Brighton, with a focus on figurative work. Her work can be viewed at

I am an ex-art student now studying Music at Lancaster University. I am trying to continue my venture into the art world after my A* grades at both GCSE and A-level. My art teacher told me before I left school that it was a shame I wasn’t going to take art further, as he thought I could make real money out of it. I have studied many different artists over the years, but a few specifically stick in my mind, including Henry Ascencio, Freud and Degas. I was recently asked to draw caricatures at a local bar, and have been selling the odd piece of work to friends, but apart from that I have very limited experience in the art field. I try to paint and draw things as I see them rather than capturing an exact likeness of them, as I believe art to be a way to further explore different depths of a subject; a camera is for capturing, a pencil is for exploring. I haven’t set out to make money with my art, but just to show what I do for fun because I don’t see art as a career, I see it as a way to escape from reality, like reading a good book I get totally engrossed in my work.



I’m an artist who was born on a planet known as Earth, somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. I enjoy creating art whilst watching the new world order take form.

Caron Freeborn is a novelist turned poet. She grew up in Basildon, Essex but now lives, teaches and writes in Cambridge.

R.G. Foster is a poet whose work has appeared in various literary journals, – Red Fez, The Recusant, You Stumble into a Room Full of Poets, among others. He was spawned in a rickety old mining town in north-east England, before leaving at a young age with the aim of re-establishing the Troubadourian tradition. If you’re lucky, you can find him on the promenades of Southern France, putting weak rhymes to lute-jives for a Euro at a time.

Joe Giordano was born in Brooklyn. He and his wife, Jane, lived in Greece, Brazil, Belgium and Netherlands. They now live in Texas with their little Shih Tzu, Sophia.

Joe’s stories appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Black Heart Magazine, Crack the Spine, The Summerset Review, Forge, River Poets Journal, Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Writers Abroad, Bong is Bard, The Stone Hobo, Johnny America, Infective Ink, The Shine Journal, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, Milk Sugar, The Newer York and Orion Headless.

I’m Joe, 19 years old, and studying English with Creative Writing at Northumbria. My favourite poets are Benjamin Zephaniah and John Milton, though probably not at the same time. Most of the poetry I write is either in birthday cards, written as lyrics for songs, or spelt out in fridge-magnet letters and spaghetti alphabets.

Lora Hughes is one of the scriptwriters in Write Up North, their premiere season beginning March, 2012, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. A former trauma therapist, Lora’s weekly blog discusses the writer’s emotional life.

I am 18 years old and I study Theatre Studies and English Literature at Lancaster University. I enjoy reading poetry, acting and performing and listening to music. I love writing creatively, and am grateful of any opportunity to share my thoughts and writings with other people!

I am a 22 year old Newcastle University student, studying English Literature with a keen interest in film and documentary!

I’m an illustration student at Falmouth University of the Arts.

Jessica Malitoris is a 22-year-old North Carolinian who recently joined Duke University’s PhD program in history. She has spent the last eight years refining her poetry skills with the help of friends, mentors, and the online artistic community. Besides poetry, she loves mythology, folklore, herbalism, fantasy, and science fiction.

I’m a Fine Art student studying Painting and History of Art at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art.
The work is screen print selection of original antiques merged and collaged on photoshop.


Jim’s work has appeared in numerous journals, including the Fiddlehead, Witness, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Xavier Review, and has been nominated for several awards. Two collections of his short work have been published and his novels, “Claire” and “Monkey” are available from Amazon.




Michelle Ornat is a public librarian working with youth in an urban, economically comprised area. Originally from California, she has lived in Kentucky, Virginia, and Italy. Currently, she resides in Western New York with her husband and two beagles. Her poems have appeared in The American Poetry Review, The Examined Life, Broad! and Em Dash Literary Magazine.

Jennifer Prevatt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Scientific Illustration, with a background in fine art and multimedia art. She uses traditional and digital techniques to create scientifically accurate renderings as well as whimsical children’s book illustrations.

I am a third year English lit. student from Manchester studying in Lancaster.

I am a performance and video artist studying at Newcastle University in my third year. I am going to Munich in three weeks for five months to study at the institution. Hoping to look at hypereality, history of the Neuschwanstein Castle, Disney and child sexualities for my next series of work.

Exploring ideas around irrational fears, wonder, imagination and exaggerated theatrical scenarios. The fine line between surreal worlds and comedy, suggesting that boundaries between the animal kingdom and humans are dissolving in our contemporary existence.

Emma Swan is a 19 year old student of English literature and Creative writing. She comes from a working class family in the North east of England and strives to write fiction which captures the heart and soul in seemingly desperate situations. Finding beauty in the mundane and diamonds in the rough as she goes.


Megan Towey is an undergraduate at Bard College, where she is a double major in creative writing and classical studies. Her poetry has appeared in several print and online publications: most recently, in Antiphon Poetry Journal and Noah Magazine. She lives in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

Kris Tukiainen is an adventurer who loves to travel and collect new experiences in the real world, the cyberspace, and through pictures and stories. He is a recent Business IT graduate and an occasional artist who currently lives in the cold and snowy place better known as Finland, and is still trying to decide what he really wants to be when he ‘grows up’.

Charlotte Valletta is an artist living and working in Newcastle. Obsessed with journeys, she spends most of her time telling stories, whether in person or through her art, about her travels around Europe, around England, around Newcastle. Her art is concerned with the Everyday and her influences lie in the work of artists and writers alike. When she isn’t journeying she can be found in the studio, obsessively coiling pots, her new found passion, or stalking Grayson Perry, her recently discovered muse. She has a love for literature, beautiful ceramic work and Kodak Box Brownies. Decent conversation, accompanied by a gin and tonic, keep her happy and when there’s no conversation to be had, Radio 4 will do just fine thanks!

Emma Whitehall is a writer and performer based in the North East. She specialises in dark fantasy/horror Flash Fiction. Her work has been described as “disturbingly beautiful.” She performs regularly in the Newcastle area, and has been published in various North East literary magazines, as well as hosting the Spoken Word night, Fiction Burn. Her first collection, “Kallisto’s Tales”, is available on


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