Your Aunt Fanny Preview

by James Ricketts

A group of energetic northeastern young female comedians will be making themselves known at the Live Theater in Newcastle this Saturday as part of the 14th Annual Youth Theatre Festival. The girls have fought through arduous auditions to be in the collective and they have been busy working in never-ending rehearsals to try out their ideas and sharpen their talents. Everything about the upcoming Your Aunt Fanny show is fresh and exciting; the performance will be a showcase of the dedication and work put in over the past few months.

Brogan Gilbert, Katie Powell, Lydia brickland, Lauren Waine, Jackie Edwards, Matilda Neill

Brogan Gilbert, Katie Powell, Lydia brickland, Lauren Waine, Jackie Edwards, Matilda Neill

Alliterati had an exclusive Skype conversation with the girls about their upcoming show, which we failed to record due to a technical failure. This mini-disaster is a little embarrassing for us (…and we are eternally sorry to the girls for our failings). However, what came clear in the discussion was the vibrancy and passion in which they talked about their upcoming show. They were keen to give us insight into a diabetes-inspired musical sketch about the Blood Sugar Monster and it sounded nothing short of hysterical. They made it very clear that their show is going to be scandalous, but they assured Alliterati that it is still an appropriate event to bring ones grandmother (without offending her traditional sensibilities). Despite our interrogation, the girls refused to disclose information to whether or not Aunt Fanny would be making an appearance; they told us that we were all “just going to have to find out on the night”.

It would be a foolish move to miss out on what is certainly going to be a gem of a show, so let us remind you once more that it is happening this Saturday at 4pm and 7:30pm at the Live Theater in Newcastle. One thing is for certain: Ross Noble, Sarah Millican and Chris Ramsey have nothing on this group of young female comedians when it comes to the Geordie wit.

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