An Afternoon with the Qurayshis

As you my be aware, Alliterati recently had the opportunity to sit down with the playwrights of Write Up North to discuss the series of short plays they’ll be putting on at the Bridge Hotel from March through May. Shireen Khattak is the first up with her play, Meet the Qurayshis, a funny and insightful look into both the cultural and universal languages of family dynamics. In a lead up to Tuesday’s performance, Alliterati’s Saschk Drakos went along to one of the rehearsals and managed to smuggle out a few sneak-peek photos to tempt you along.

Meet the Qurayshis will be performed Tuesday, 26 March at the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle. Tickets are £3, and the evening includes a feedback portion where audience members will have the opportunity to provide the playwright with critique. We’ll also be following the plays in the series with interviews and rehearsal photos posted every Sunday.

Salma wishes for all the things a normal twenty-one year old wishes for. Her parents, on the other hand, wish for all the things tradition and convention would dictate. Namely, finding a nice, respectable husband and conforming to the expectations of society. But whose society is the question Salma is left asking herself. It all comes to a head the night Salma is to meet the Qurayshis. Or more precisely, their son, Farouk…

A recent graduate of Live Theatre’s advanced playwriting course, Shireen finds inspiration in the borderland between cultures and identities, that place of confusion and self-discovery.


Heather Carroll (Salma), Amy Berry (Yasmeen), Lewis Cuthbert (Mustafa), Heather Walker (Mrs Chaudri), John McMahon (Mr Chaudri)


Heather Carroll


Heather Walker, John McMahon, Lewis Cuthbert


Heather Carroll, Chris Foley


Heather Walker, Amy Berry, Heather Carroll


Amy Berry, Heather Walker, Lewis Cuthbert, John McMahon


Heather Walker


Heather Carroll


Heather Carroll, Chris Foley


Chris Foley


Jayne Humphreys (Mrs Qurayshi), Heather Carroll


John McMahon


Gary Goodyear (Dr Qurayshi)


Debbie Owen (dir.), Teri Maltman, Heather Walker, John McMahon


Howard Dickenson, Teri Maltman


Teri Maltman, Heather Walker


Heather Walker, John McMahon


Jayne Humphreys, Chris Foley, John


John McMahon, Heather Carroll


Heather Carroll, John McMahon


Heather Carroll, John McMahon


Heather Carroll, Chris Foley


Heather Carroll, Chris Foley

Heather Carroll (Salma), Amy Berry (Yasmeen), Lewis Cuthbert (Mustafa), Heather Walker (Mrs Chaudri), John McMahon (Mr Chaudri)Heather CarrollHeather Walker, John McMahon, Lewis CuthbertHeather Carroll, Chris FoleyHeather Walker, Amy Berry, Heather CarrollAmy Berry, Heather Walker, Lewis Cuthbert, John McMahonHeather WalkerHeather CarrollHeather Carroll, Chris FoleyChris FoleyJayne Humphreys (Mrs Qurayshi), Heather CarrollJohn McMahonGary Goodyear (Dr Qurayshi)Debbie Owen (dir.), Teri Maltman, Heather Walker, John McMahonHoward Dickenson, Teri MaltmanTeri Maltman, Heather WalkerHeather Walker, John McMahonJayne Humphreys, Chris Foley, JohnJohn McMahon, Heather CarrollHeather Carroll, John McMahonHeather Carroll, John McMahonHeather Carroll, Chris FoleyHeather Carroll, Chris Foley
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