Taking it to the street…

We asked the Twitterverse for their best in street photography and were rewarded with some truly spectacular photos.

So what is street photography? Well. That’s a bit tricky to answer exactly. A lot depends on who you ask, but generally speaking, it’s a type of photography that features candid subjects in public places. Some photographers put more emphasis on the urban element, others the human, but in the end, a skilled street photographer is able to capture a bit of both. As Eric Kim said:

“[T]he main focus of street photography is taking the everyday and the mundane and making it into something unique and beautiful.”

With that in mind, Senior Editor Sashka Drakos (our social media maestro) took on the task of picking the Alliterati Street Pic Fav out of those we received through Twitter and Facebook over a 24 hour period.

Christine Muraton
Paris, France
Retreat in Delusion
quai n.24

quai n.24 by Christine Muraton

Christine’s beautiful photo captures a poignant moment in a very elegant and understated way. The softness of the lighting and focus both serve to draw the viewer’s focus to the couple. Congratulations to Christine! Also, be sure to take some time to look through the other work in her portfolio – you won’t be disappointed!

If you aren’t already following us on Twitter (@AlliteratiMag, you should! In a somewhat whimsical manner, we run daily mini-competitions such as this and various fun games from time to time (it’s also a great way to keep up with what the A-Team is up to in regards to submissions and putting out each issue).

Since picking just one favourite was no easy feat, we also decided to show you all the other entries as well. Without further ado:

Lukasz Kazimierz
Tokyo, Japan
Lukasz Kazimierz Photography
Shady Dealings

Shady Dealings by Lukasz Kazimierz

Sara Jean Bakker
Our Song

Click to View Image

Charlie Prince
Manchester, UK
Pigeons Attack!

Pigeons Attack! by Charlie Prince

A Man and His Dog
A Man and His Dog by Charlie Prince

Untitled by Charlie Prince

Tony Gallucci
Ingram, Texas

Sashka by Tony Gallucci

London, UK
Cut Out Girls
North London Yardsale

North London Yardsale by CutOutGirls

Paul McVeigh
Brighton, UK
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Paul McVeigh

Medan, Sumatra
Medan, Sumatra by Paul McVeigh

Calcutta, India
Calcutta, India by Paul McVeigh

St James Street, Brighton
St James Street, Brighton by paul McVeigh

Is a Prom a Street?
Is a Prom a Street? by Paul McVeigh

Michael Trumbull
Kansas City, Missouri
San Francisco

San Francisco by Michael Trumbull

Exploring the Neighborhood
Exploring the Neighborhood by Michael Trumble

Take a Dive
Take a Dive by Michael Trumbull

Sashka Drakos
Newcastle, UK
The Life of an Itinerant Magpie
razorblades + stolen poetry
angeljunkie [writing]
necari [photography]

Newcastle by Sashka Drakos

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