Aaaaaattention! Flash Fiction-ers.

Hey there flash fiction-ers! Once you’ve filled our inbox with your short-but-sweet work check out this UK-based event (accepting work internationally)…

“The first ever National Flash-Fiction Day will be happening on 16th May this year. Bringing together all the writers, readers, publishers and organisers of events, the day will see competitions, workshops, slams, readings, anthologies and more. Wherever you are in the UK there is a way for you to take part. A list of all the current events, competitions and calls for submissions is available on the website at”

As always, refer to Issue 6 as your ever-helpful muse.

Incidentally, no Flash Fiction made it into Issue 6, so if you’re a flash fiction-er to be awed, show us what we’re missing out on and send you stuff to: too.

Lots of love,

The A-Team

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