Opened call for fast submissions until Tuesday 15th of Feb

Hi everyone,

Today, celebrating the centenary of Elizabeth Bishop, we have some good news! After the winter break, the A-Team is back and putting Issue 3 together. We’ve realized there’s 4 spaces left in the magazine and so we’ve opened a call for fast submissions.

Call for fast submissions:

From today until Tuesday 15th of Feb, you can submit your piece of prose or poetry and still be showcased in the upcoming Issue 3 of Alliterati Magazine. Go to our submissions page to find out how to submit and make sure you send us your piece before 12:00 pm Tuesday 15th of Feb.

In order to get you inspired, we give you this amazing piece of art-work from artist Jamie Patterson. The piece will be a part of Issue 3 and we specially welcome pieces of writing inspired by it. We will select the best and those will be showcased alongside Jamie’s art-work. Don’t hold back and go where it takes you. We are not looking for a description of it in a prose piece or a poem, we aim to trigger new work that dares to go somewhere else.

Don’t miss out this oportunity to get out there. Take this as our very own Valentine’s gift to you, a heart in a jar if you will 😉

Celebrate Elizabeth Bishop’s Centenary here. We specially recommend her Man-Month poem, have a read.

Lots of love,

Editor of Alliterati Magazine

PS: In the name of the A-Team, I welcome our very own new A-teamer, Miss Charlotte Mountford.

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